Our Story

Live the Story

Formed in 2010, Live The Story set out with 
the intention of bringing a positive influence
to the music scene.

LTS moved forward with their first
EP, Titled: “We’re In This Together”, receiving strong 
support from their hometown of Toronto, Canada.

In 2011, LTS made the trek to Ocala, Florida to record their second EP, titled “Everything I Am”, 
with producer Tom Denney. (A Day to Remember). Upon being released as a free download, the EP was positively received internationally.

With the release of Everything I Am, Live The Story 
continued moving forward with touring Canada and 
finding their way into the US in early 2012.

Band members: Dave Fiore, Nick Philia, Joseph Buscema 
and Brandon Khan have been focusing on taking the band 
to greater heights with their new EP: The Overcoming, released 
in 2013.

Find Us

Address: 3257 nd Avenue
Trail, British Columbia
Canada V1R 3W5