Necessities to Bring to the Scene Music Festival

The sun is out, and the temperature is rising: It’s festival season! About 32 million people attend at least one U.S. music festival every year. It’s time to take the kids to the Scene Musi Festival.

There’s so much excitement about getting to see all the artists you love. If you’re a festival virgin, here are a few necessities to bring to the music festival…

Sun Sunscreen

Sunburn is closely associated with a higher risk of melanoma. That is why sunscreen application is considered a chore. Sunscreens can protect against sunburn and lower the risk of getting skin cancer. Make sure you’ve saved some room for sunscreen in your backpack. To ensure your sunscreen provides enough protection against radiation, choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

It would be best if you also worried about providing your children with sufficient sun protection at the music festival. Most skin experts recommend against using sunscreen products on children. The best way to protect your children is to limit the time that they are allowed to spend in the sun.

First Aid Kit

You should always be prepared for a medical emergency with the right materials. A first-aid kit, as well as the ability to use it, is one of the essentials you need.

There’s a lot of pre-made kits out there. Also, there are regulations that specify what type of kit is required at a music festival. Your kit would include items to treat croup, earaches, and tummy aches.

Remember to pack enough of your own medication for the festival.


Picking the ideal backpack is an essential part of planning your music festival adventure. Some of the things to look out for when selecting a backpack are comfort, security, durability, and practicality. Start with measuring your size and making all the correct adjustments for a custom fit.

The other thing to consider is making sure the backpack is well padded. You will also find that quality and price can vary widely. Popular backpack varieties include crush resistance, frameless backpack, and internal and external backpack. If you’re searching for a light backpack, go for one without a frame.


Packing toiletries may be your least favorite task when it comes to getting ready for a music festival. These essentials can take up tons of space in your suitcase. However, you should know that you cannot take all of your toiletry items with you.

Some of the essential toiletries include:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Shower Cap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Leave-in Conditioner
  • Soap/Body Wash
  • Loofah
  • Razor

Start by laying out all the grooming and beauty products in your bag. You should have an extra bag or two for your hairbrush, clips, and sunscreen. The rest of your essentials can be placed in your makeup bag. Another tip is to fill an empty straw with just enough lotion for your trip.


Wearing the right sunglasses is great protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Of course, you also want to look good as you wander among fellow music enthusiasts. It’s advisable to find sunglasses with the best size, frame, and color to highlight your face. It is also advisable to look for a uniform tint.

A polarized lens enhances color contrasts and eliminates glare. Similarly, darker colored lenses will accentuate your cheekbones. Consider buying oversized glasses or wraparound-style glasses. However, remember that heavy frames will lead to headaches. Ultimately, it all depends on your choice, style, mode of travel, and budget.

Weed Eater

If you are interested in camping at the music festival, you may need to prepare for your camping spot. Therefore, one of the essentials things you will need is a weed eater.

A weed eater is a piece of excellent equipment for your home and is ideal for tackling the worst weeds on your camping spot. Choose one with powerful motors and efficient cutters. Also, a standard-grade line in the right weed eater may be able to eat through the grass.

Hand sanitizer

Using hand sanitizer is an effective way to clean your hands at the music festival. Hand sanitizers can protect you and your family from the bugs that cause colds. However, the effectiveness drops off significantly when the alcohol level is reduced.

Therefore, the best hand sanitizer should be at least 94.9 percent alcohol by volume. Put sanitizer on your hands and rub them together. Make sure that you get the sanitizer between your fingers.

Electronics: What to Bring to The Festival

It’s a given that most of us have a number of electronic devices. These electronic devices can be handy, particularly when you are attending a music festival. However, most electronic devices require some extra consideration when you are packing.

Your phone is like the Swiss army knife of music festival tools! Therefore, check and double-check that you have your phone charger with you. A USB flash drive can also come in handy at the music festival. Additionally, a smart electronics organizer case is ideal for carrying and organizing cables, cords, USBs, and adapters. Finally, having a portable internet device handy is a must.

Conclusion The summer music festival season is in full swing! The most fun way to enjoy the Scene Music Festival is by following the tips above.

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