I've Got Gloria

For those who are not familiar with I've Got Gloria, guitarist Antonio Cirillo and drummer Nick Plati have been playing together since their high school days. However, with the addition of guitarist/vocalist Jason Golden, bassist/vocalist Rick Moore and lead vocalist Matt Dell in 2013, the band really took shape and has since then become the unstoppable force we know and love today. With the new line up, I’ve Got Gloria spent most of 2013 working and recording their debut EP called Here We Are at One Ink Studios. The album combines new age pop with a rock influence and melodies that are so catchy fans instantly connect to the music. “We’ve been told that we remind people of so many different bands from popular punk bands, pop bands and even bands from the 90’s. Although something from the 90’s wasn’t our intention, it’s really cool to see people being able to connect our music with their favorite bands. It shows that we have versatility in our writing.”

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ivegotgloriaband
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