Fast Romantics

The band formed in 2008 in Calgary during what Angus calls a 'whiskey storm'. Angus and the two other founding members -- bassist Jeffrey Lewis and drummer Alan Reain -- were joined last year by two Australian ex-pats, Shane O' Keeffe and Lauren Heron. Angus says the two "brought exactly what we were missing at exactly the right time" to the group, including what he calls "those dreamy foreign-sounding accents."

Fans can expect a return to the stage in 2013, and the release of 'Afterlife Blues' is set for September. Until then, keep an eye on as well as the band's Facebook and Twitter pages for leaks of new songs, videos, and other special features. You can also join the mailing list at to receive a free MP3 of Funeral Song.


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Pistonhead Kustom Lager Skate Stage - Montebello Park
Fiddlers Pour House

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