International Zombies of Love

International Zombies of Love (IZOL) is the evolving musical project of Mike Farrell.
Well, Mike Farrell and a grab bag of various friends and musicians.

Mike started the project behind his piano, sleeping on the couch, pining for a love that waited across the sea.
Things have since morphed to include a core unit made up of Sean Beresford (co-producer with mike, guitars, bass, vox, echoplex, acetone, sandwiches) and Art Woods (el badgerista, drums and percussion of every conceivable type)..

The music focuses on Mike’s diverse tastes and talents and involves an often minimalist approach to instrumentation that is heavy on melody, arrangement and performance.
Response to IZOL’s strong sophomore outing, “You Heard This Wish” (We Are Busy Bodies Records) has been great so far...
“buzzy...wistfully cathartic...cinematic...sprawling...with sci-fi textures.” EXCLAIM
“ At first, it’s hard to tell how all this music fits onto one record, but what is clear is that it just feels right.” FRESH PRINT
“..on strong sophomore outing “You Heard This Wish” Farrell’s gritty voice and songs remain intact. No need to flee from these Zombies.” NEW CANADIAN MUSIC


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